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    BTC+ Audio Channel Requirements
    An audio channel incorporating SIS+ commentaries will shortly be going live. Bookmakers with SIS+ who would like to take this service are asked to read this announcement and contact BTC as soon as possible.
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    BTC Audio Channel Imminent
    The BTC are setting up an audio channel which will incorporate audio content from both the SIS FACTS channel and TRP channel. The objective is to support independent bookmakers who have these channels supplied directly to each shop without a centrally managed audio service.
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    Irish Lotto - Any 3 Will Do
    This is a new bet which offers a price for numbers to be drawn across all three Irish Lotto draws on a particular evening. Customers may select 3, 4 or 5 numbers to be drawn across all three draws. This bet can now be translated in the MM2 EPOS system.
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    Daily Million Marksense Slips
    New designs of the Daily Million marksense slips which incorporates both the 2pm and 9pm draws are now available. Please contact CBF who have the new design in stock.
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    The Racing Partnership
    Arena Racing Company (ARC) have announced the introduction of a TV channel for LBO’s in the UK and Ireland which will begin transmission on the 1st September 2016. In a unique arrangement ARC have agreed that the addition of any content on TRP in the future will be agreed with the BTC Board. This includes both the volume and cost of such content and protects subscribers from paying for unwanted content.
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    Inspired Virtuals
    BTC are please to announce that a service offering virtual content from Inspired Gaming Group is now available for independent bookmakers in the UK and Ireland.
BTC+ Audio to be introduced
The BTC Audio channel incorporating commentaries from the SIS FACTS and TRP channels is now operational in over 800 betting shops. Presently this is a simple centrally managed switching of channels from one service to the other as required. Due to delays in obtaining the necessary studio equipment the switching service will continue until the end of April 2017. We then intend to begin a fully managed service including presenters who will add to the content available from SIS and TRP.

The New BTC+ Audio Service

Following on from the successful introduction of the BTC Audio Channel we will shortly be introducing an additional service which will incorporate audio from the SIS+ channel. This service will be called BTC+ Audio.

BTC+ Audio will include SIS+ commentaries rather than the SIS FACTS commentaries with the TRP commentaries . Thus shops which presently have the SIS+ channel will be able to have the choice of including commentaries for SIS+ events included in the BTC managed audio service. Please note, only shops that currently have SIS+ can subscribe to the BTC+ Audio service.

There will be no additional charge for this service to those shops currently subscribing to the BTC Audio service. However, there will be some changes required to the wiring within shops which will need to be made by the bookmaker in order to receive the BTC+ Audio.

A start date for the BTC+ Audio service is currently unavailable. Standard BTC Audio will be provided in the meantime.

Bookmakers who are interested in the BTC+ Audio service are asked to contact BTC to enable arrangements to be made to supply shops with this service.

The changes to the wiring which is required to receive the BTC+ Audio service is detailed in a PDF which can be downloaded via the link below.