Bookmakers Technology Consortium

Mobile Website with Telephone Dialer

Your own Branded Mobile Website
Advertise your company on the web and provide your customers with the opportunity to view your prices on a mobile telephone and bet with you by simply touching the telephone symbol at the top of the screen. This will take the mobile telephone to the dialer application and insert the bookmakers telephone number in the dialer ready to call the bookmaker. The website can be customised using your own company colours and logos.

BTC are able to offer any independent bookmaker this mobile website displaying the current Consortium prices. This service requires no day to day management by the bookmaker as prices are automatically displayed throughout the day. This website includes data provided by SIS and can only be provided to bookmakers who have an existing SIS data365 contract in place for a betting shop. In addition to advertising prices on a wide range of sporting events, the mobile website can also be used to advertise the location of your betting shops, display your company rules and provide information about the company.

This service is operated by Chisholm Bookmakers and anyone interested in the service should contact for further details. An example of the mobile website is shown on this page but it is best viewed on a mobile device. Please use your mobile device to click here

The mobile website can be added to the display only website service for £35 per month. If the Display only website is not required then the mobile website service is £50 per month.

Mobile Website Example