Bookmakers Technology Consortium

2DB Genus Display System

A flexible screen system which links directly to the Optima MarginMaker2 EPoS system
The consortium have an agreement with 2DB Limited for the supply of this system to independent bookmakers.

The 2DB Genus system consists of a central studio which broadcasts information to shops via broadband links. These can be the same broadband links as used by the EPoS system. Although the size of the studio is relatively small the cost of setting up the studio and ongoing maintenance means that a studio solution is only viable for groups with over 40 shops. Thus smaller chains either need to take a feed from a larger bookmaker or band together with other bookmakers to operate a shared studio. The Consortium can offer shared studios facilities to smaller bookmakers.

When the system is installed 2DB supply a basic set of screen templates for display purposes. Additional templates can be commissioned as required giving maximum flexibility. However this is expensive and time consuming for an individual company. The BTC have designed a set of screen templates which can be personalised by each company. These templates are continuously updated and maintained by the Consortium for members.

By working together a high quality display system can be developed at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred by an individual company.

General Information

General Information about the Multiview Display System
The standard Multiview Shop Receiver controls 4 large screens. An upgrade is available to drive a 5th screen.

Each screen must be a Full HD 1080p display. As a minimum 42" TVs are recommended but larger or smaller sizes can be used to suit the size of shop. 47" or larger are recommended if screens on the main shop gantry are to be divided into six pages.

Each large panel will display a number of individual pages. Each screen can carousel a number pages of information.

Each EPoS till gets its own ‘Showboard Browser’ which can be used like a managers monitor. There is no separate managers monitor with the Multiview system.

A digital poster system called Promus is available from 2DB and can be controlled directly from the Genus studio software.

BTC can provide independent advice and assistance to bookmakers considering this system. All enquiries to