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VIP Bingo

The regular low stake - high return game
A channel offering a Bingo game every 3 minutes throughout the day. The Bingo game is a standard 35 from 49 numbers game where the quicker the numbers are drawn the higher the prize. Bingo is one of the most popular betting pastimes with the general public and this product allows a betting office to take advantage of that interest.

  • Regular small wins with the possibility of a Jackpot if they select the first 6 numbers to tempt customers.
  • Two versions are available; a version showing Sterling for the UK and a version showing Euros for Ireland.
  • Marksense slips available to enable bets to be taken via MM2, AbetA and Arkle tills.
  • No need for a separate ‘back office’ PC. Slips are accepted by the EPOS tills.
  • Cash control via the EPOS system for greater security.

Please watch the video which shows a draw taking place.

Marketing Materials

There are a number of marketing materials available to support VIP Bingo.

VIP Bingo Poster VIP Bingo Poster

A poster which is 1/2 A2 size and can be used in newpaper displays to promote the VIP Bingo game. 2 posters are supplied at start up and more can be purchased if required.
VIP Bingo Dispenser VIP Bingo Dispenser

A flat pack dispenser featuring the VIP Bingo logo is supplied which can be made up in the shop. This can be used on tables and writing shelves to put the marksense slips at the figertips of the customers.

Additional dispensers can be purchased if required. The photo is of the previous design, an update version is now available.
Marksense slips are available to enable customers to easily place their bets on the VIP Bingo game. Bookmakers can choose from a slip with a maximum stake per draw of £1 or £10. Artwork is also available in Euro's.

VIP Bingo Quickslip (£1 stake per draw) VIP Bingo Quickslip (£1 stake) Barcode Number 0400410

PDF Version

VIP Bingo Quickslip (£10 stake per draw) VIP Bingo Quickslip (£10 stake) Barcode Number 0400410

PDF Version

Customers can use a single slip to place bets on up to 20 draws. This can help minimise traffic at the counter.

Bets consisting of 6, 7 8, 9 or 10 numbers can be placed using this slip. Smaller stakes can be used for the combination bets.

The slips are standard A6 size and can be dispensed from most standard betting shop dispensers.

About The VIP Bingo Service

How It Works
A Player PC is installed in the shop and connected via a network cable to the local network. Various different PC Players are available to support the VIP Bingo channel. A suitable PC will be recommended based on the number of virtual channels to which a shop is subscribing. In addition to the Player PC a TV will be required for displaying each channel together with associated brackets and cabling. BTC will supply the Player PC and can arrange installation if required.

A Standalone VIP Bingo channel
The cost for the supply of a single screen PC Player which will support VIP Bingo is £150+VAT
The cost of the VIP Bingo channel as a standalone service is £18+VAT per week

The VIP Bingo channel as one of a number of channels
The cost for the supply of a 2 screen PC Player is £340+VAT, this is required when the subscription includes a virtual racing channel. Additional single screen PC Players can be used for VIP Bingo or VIP Roulette.
BTC is pleased to announce a reduction in costs for this service from 2nd March 2020. If a shop takes more than one channel from the virtual service then discounts apply as follows;

  • £18+VAT per week for one channel (£1 reduction)
  • £26+VAT per week for two channels (£2 reduction)
  • £32+VAT per week for three channels (£4 reduction)
  • £37+VAT per week for four channels (£5 reduction)

This service can be supplied to any UK or Irish betting shop. Arrangements for supply of data to different EPOS or tills systems can be investigated. For further information please contact: