Bookmakers Technology Consortium

Coupon Dispenser

Working in conjunction with David Ross Fabrications a coupon dispenser has been designed to display the BTC coupons to best effect. Many shops suffer from a lack of space to provide a good display of football coupons to customers. This dispenser will enable a good range of coupons to be displayed in a compact format. .

  • Each dispenser has 9 pockets to maximise the number of coupons that can be displayed within an A4 width.
  • Each pocket is only deep enough to hold a few coupons to discourage shop staff from printing excessive amounts.
  • The step between each pocket is designed to display the title strip for easy selection by customers.
  • Three dispensers located side by side can display up to 27 different coupons.
  • Each dispenser has an A4 poster holder to display an advertising card. The adverts can be printed in shop on the coupon printer. There is a small frame around the holder to hide the margin around the poster as most shop printers do not print edge to edge.
  • A clear perspex cover is provided for the poster holder.
  • The holder is of robust construction, produced in metalwork.

Coupon dispensers can be ordered direct from the manufacturers. Please contact David Ross Fabrications by clicking here.

Three Coupon Dispensers