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Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto - Any 3 Will Do

This is a new bet which offers a price for numbers to be drawn across all three Irish Lotto draws on a particular evening. Customers may select 3, 4 or 5 numbers to be drawn across all three draws.

The winning numbers in this bet are all the numbers drawn over the combination of all three draws. Thus there could be up to 18 individual winning numbers in the 6 number draw and up to 21 individual winning numbers in the 7 number drawn. However, as the same number may be drawn in more than one draw there may be fewer winning numbers in each draw.

A marksense slip will be available in the future but initially bets will require manual translation. A generic barcoded slip has been designed and provided to CBF so that it can be ordered ‘off the shelf’. Only the lower part of the slip is printed onto the customer receipt – thus saving till roll.

Click here for an information sheet containing further details

7 October 2016

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