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BTC Audio Channel Imminent

The BTC are setting up an audio channel which will incorporate audio content from both the SIS FACTS channel and TRP channel. This channel will be managed from the BTC studio in Ashington and delivered by SIS via the FACTS satellite decoder. The objective is to support independent bookmakers who have these channels supplied directly to each shop without a centrally managed audio service.

It is intended for the service to begin by the 1st January 2017 although no firm date is available as this is dependent on supply of equipment by 3rd parties.

Initially there will be a simple switching of commentaries from TRP into the SIS FACTS audio channel. However, it is intended that over a period of 6 months the service will develop and eventually the BTC studio will add additional content using voice over such as promotion of offers, prices, additional betting opportunities, tips, etc.

BTC is in conversation with Manny Bernstein to ensure items included in the BTC Audio channel, such as price promotions, are co-ordinated.

The BTC intend that this should be a high quality service suitable for a customer facing environment. We are therefore investing in professional standard transmission and audio equipment and are presently recruiting staff to manage the service.

Bookmakers who are interested in this service are asked to contact BTC urgently to enable arrangements to be made to supply shops with this service. Please download the PDF via the link below and contact BTC as soon as possible.

Click here for an information sheet containing further details

13 December 2016

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